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The Greatstone Website is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about this delightful village on the south east Kent coast. aims to be the online source and guide for all matters relating to Greatstone, including information about where to eat and drink, local shops, tradesman, local services, places to stay and much more. The website covers the area of all those properties etc with a Greatstone postal address and a map of this area is included on the website - Greatstone Map.

The website is completely independent and run on a voluntary and non-profit making basis. Any views expressed, other than in the Forums/Message Boards, are those of the Editor.

This website does not accept paid advertising. Listings of local Greatstone and other businesses and service providers are free of charge. Inclusion should not be regarded as endorsement or recommendation.

If you live, work or visit Greatstone, if you are involved with a club, society or similar organisation or run a business, and would like to have an entry or have any suggestion as to what you would like to see on, please  email the Editor.


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  1. Photograph is published courtesy of Mark Serejko.
  2. Photograph is reproduced by permission of The Francis Frith Collection. Over 120,000 Frith images of towns and villages around Britain can be viewed online on the Frith website   Why not visit the Frith website today and post some memories of your local area on the Share Your Memories feature of the website for others to read and enjoy.
  3. Photograph is published courtesy of Nick Catford and is taken from his website Disused Stations.
  4. Photograph is published courtesy of the unknown author of the booklet Around and About Romney Marsh published in 1966 by the then St Mary's Bay Holiday Camp. If you happen to know who the author is or have any other information about the booklet, please let Peter know (see below).
  5. Photograph is published courtesy of Bob Gillham.
  6. Photograph  and  map  are published courtesy of Wilf Gill, who has lived in Greatstone all his life.
  7. Photograph is published courtesy of Zoe Beardsley.
  8. Photograph is published courtesy of Ken Whelton.
  9. Photograph is published courtesy of Simon Blackwell.
  10. Picture is published courtesy of John Wimble.
  11. Photograph is published courtesy of John Baker.
  12. Photograph is published courtesy of Greg Lashmar.
  13. Photograph is published courtesy of Halsgrove Publishing's book 'Kent from the Air' More information
  14. Information and photographs of Dr Morrell are published courtesy of Ian Huntly.
  15. Photograph is published courtesy of Paul Cackett.


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